Laibach release video to “Eurovision” on May 10th, 2014:

Video by RÃTNEEK:

Immediately eerie, Laibach‘s “Eurovision” starts with short shots of commonplace industrial items (like smoke billowing out of a factory or un-trembling telephone wires), timed to the ominous beat. Lyrics come in via a grovel-y deep-pitched voice – he’s not singing so much as he’s speaking, quietly and almost threateningly. He’s describing people (crying in the streets, or with their hands raised to the sky), but there are none in this video but Laibach himself, standing very still in a field. The repeated chorus refrain explains all the bleak warnings: “Europe is falling apart.” And  as fog rolls into the setting, the landscapes fade to black and white.  There’s a second electronic voice that comes in to help with refrains – she says “They are trying so hard” as he refutes with “But their ears are kept shut.” It’s dark enough to be disconcerting, but powerful enough to be a war chant.

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