Laibach: LIVE at Ultima Festival in Oslo, Norway, September 2014

Laibach have been invited to Ultima Festival to perform their interpretation of music by Norway’s most celebrated composer, Edvard Grieg. Laibach will premiere their variation on Grieg’s unfinished opera Olav Tryggvason, a work named after a Viking king. The theme of this year’s Ultima is “The Nation”. It’s hard to imagine a more fitting presence than Laibach. After all, they do have their own utopian state entity – the NSK State (Neue Slowenische Kunst), a borderless supranational structure, complete with its own passports and postage stamps.
Roy Wilkinson from The Quietus examines Laibach’s political obfuscation and explorations of nationalism against the context of the pleasingly strange Ultima Festival, check the full review here.

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