Laurent Garnier releases „Electrochoc: L’intégrale, 1987 – 2013“, October 2013

For the 10th anniversary of Electrochoc’s first release, Laurent Garnier and David Brun-Lambert wrote a brand new chapter about the past decade in electronic music. MP3, Berlin, Dubstep, Social Networks, EDM… Laurent Garnier discusses all the profound changes he witnessed these past years.
Electrochoc is declined in 3 versions:
– Electrochoc, l’intégrale 1987 – 2013 (French version, full text, print & digital):  Order at your local bookshop or here.
– Electroshoc, l’intégrale 1987 – 2013 (Russian version): Order here.
– Electrochoc, 2003 – 2013 (French version, 10th anniversary’s chapter only, digital) at
– Electrochoc, 1987 – 2013 (English version, full text, digital) : coming soon


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