Laurent Garnier @ Boiler Room, July 2015

Here down Laurent’s set from July 27th, 2015. And Boiler Room’s contributor Ian McQuaid spoke to Laurent, and found him in typically thoughtful-but-outspoken mood: Over the course of this Q&A, Laurent lays it down about racism, retro-ism, the strength of the French scene, and the intolerance of EDM fans. If you want to know how he can listen to seven hours of music a day on top of DJing, or why he’d rather play before Sting than Martin Garrix, then dive in… Full interview on

Laurent Garnier’s set at Boiler Room from Le Sucre, Lyon on July 27th, 2015:

2015-07-27 – Laurent Garnier – Boiler Room @ Le Sucre, Lyon by Techno Archives on Mixcloud

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